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I attended Otakucon in MiamiBeach this weekend it was pretty cool except for one thing.....

Saturday night, while I merely hanging about after a late-night panel with Scott McNeil and talking with the Con-director and his assistant, one of the girls getting her autograph spazzed and passed out. The director managed to catch her before she completely hit the ground, but she was unconscious for a few minutes before she became responsive once again. She was on the floor, unable to move and in shock, her body shivering. Scott jumped down from the podeum and immediately got by her side, stroking her hair, holding on to her hand and speaking to her in a reassuring and calm voice.

I was placed in charge of clearing the room while the director summoned the Hotel's security (I found out later, the hotel, for some odd reason does not allow the convention to have an on-staff nurse, in favor of their own supplied "medics") All the while, we were able to get some loose articles of clothing (jackets, purchased t-shirts) to cover her body to warm her up. I went to go get her some water while Scott and the director's assistant (my local anime club's Vice President) stayed by the girl's side. Shortly, the security guards came, who were of no real help other than for calling the fire rescue arrived, followed shortly by said Fire Rescue.

Upon noticing the men in uniforms the girl, now disoriented and semi-conscious but still immobile, began to cry and choke on herself. We sat her up (resting on Scott's chest while he still comforted her) and she was questioned, quite forcefuilly by the almost insensitive medics. Scott was able to calm her down enough that she could answer yes-or-no questions with a nod or "uh-uhh". She was found to have normal blood pressure and mildly low blood-sugar level, but she had not eaten all day and not gotten much sleep the night before. Her boyfriend and roommates arrived after a few minutes (their room was at the complete other end of the hotel) to which she calmed down more hearing more familiar voices(Because of course she recognizes Scott's). She was finally able to stand after roughly 45 minutes and returned to her room in the care of her boyfriend carrying along some energy bars which Scott donated out of his own bag.

Scott signed a new con-guide with some positive remarks ("EAT....SLEEP! etc.") after letting out a "WHAT DID I JUST GO THROUGH!?" spasm. Thus cementing my opinion of him as the coolest person on the face of the earth.

On a slightly more positive note, earlier in the night, Scott signed all my Beast Wars DVD cases with different favorite quotes, and he also signed my buddy Ben's (dearly departed...see gallery) BW season 1 DVD with Dinobot's dying words. Truly touching, Ben would have been proud, seeing as Code of Hero was Ben's favorite episode of anything, EVER.

For those of you who do not know, Scott McNeil is a famous Cartoon voice actor, voicing favorites as:
Duo Maxwell (Gundam Wing), Rattrap, Dinobot, Waspinator, Silverbolt (Beast Wars), Wolverine (X-men Evolution), Koga (Inuyasha), Jetfire (Transformers: Armada/Energon), and Jesus (Ben Hur)
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December 21, 2004


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